Turkology Application & Research Center was founded in 2005.

The first publication of the center, Journal of Gazi Turkiyat, has played a significant role on the development of the center. The journal started to be published in 2007 twice a year (Fall and Spring) and since then it has continued to be published till now without any interruption. The journal having reached its 13th issue by its fall issue in 2013 is already indexed by ULAKBIM which is the database of TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) and by other international indexing services such as EBSCO and MLA.

1st Symposium of Turkology Researchs to which scholars from 24 different universities attended was carried out on 11th-13th of May in 2005.  Papers read in the proceeding were published in 2010.

On 6th-8th of November in 2007, the center, collaboration with TIKA (Agency of Turkish Cooperation & Development) and University of Pristina, executed a congress of 1st International Turcology Resarchs in Pristina, whose subject was Balkans and Turks.

On 6th-17th of November in 2009, by the contribution of TDK (Turkish Language Instituion) and TÜRKSOY, the center organized a symposium with the title Current Status and Issues of Turcology Researches.